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Letter from the Dean

"To truly touch people, they would have to experience Judaism through
their senses – through art, music, dance and drama…" – Dr. Shlomo Bardin


Dear Whizin Students,

The founding thinkers and dreamers of the American Jewish University realized the gateway into Jewish life for many Americans would be guided through interests such as the arts, theatre, dance, science, language and philosophy. Our leadership set out to create a place that offered many entrances without having to forgo full engagement in the larger community.

With this in mind, our leadership created the AJU where our primary goals are to develop and guide future leaders, remain at the forefront of Jewish innovation, and strengthen Jewish identity. The Whizin Center is proud to be placed at the center of these ambitious and significant aspirations.

We encourage you to experience what the Whizin Center has to offer! Our diverse and award-winning faculty are experts in the arts, Jewish history, philosophy, dance, Jewish music and so much more. Join our new choir, participate in a family weekend event, attend any of our exciting concerts or dive deep into ancient archeology by studying the Holy City of Jerusalem. The choices are many and we hope you will bring a friend and give yourself the gift of learning. At the Whizin Center there is truly something for everyone!

We look forward to learning and growing with you.

Rabbi Gary Ezra Oren
Dean, Whizin Center for Continuing Education
Vice President, American Jewish University

Emily Corleto
Chair, Whizin Center for Continuing Education