Program for the Arts

Live performance art expresses something that cannot be expressed any other way. Exposing ourselves to performance art results in us experiencing something new or seeing something we see everyday in a totally different light or from a different perspective. In short, performance art enriches our lives.While a performance itself is ephemeral, what we learn from it lasts a lifetime.

The Dortort Program For The Arts is designed to extend and deepen the theatrical experience. It’s a chance to totally immerse yourself in all this special medium has to offer.

This program is made possible through the generosity of Rose (L”Z) and David (L”Z) Dortort.

Capitol Steps: The Lighter Side of Politics


Back by popular demand!! This clever troupe of former Congressional Staffers travels the country satirizing the very people and places that once employed them. Nothing escapes The Steps’ witty song parodies, costumed skits and stand up pot shots. Catch these equal-opportunity offenders who are once again back on our Gindi stage.

Sunday, October 26  •  4:00pm 

Premier: $55      #14FD7GCP

General: $48      #14FD7GCG

Student: $18      #14FD7GCS

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Convergence: Spirituals from the Shtetl.  Davening from the Delta.

Classical vocalist Anthony (Mordechai-Tzvi) Russell, in collaboration with acclaimed Bay Area Klezmer consort Veretski Pass, creates a new repertoire of works exploring exile, spirituality, hope and redemption. Convergence combines diverse strains of traditional Jewish and African-American music directly at points of spiritual, melodic and textual convergence—American dialect is followed closely by Aramaic. A Yiddish labor union song intertwines itself into a Civil Rights anthem. Convergence sprang from Russell’s desire to express how Jewish texts define aspects of the African-American experience and vice versa, depicting a history as diverse and complicated as those of languages and melodies performed. 

 Date, time and location of event:  Sunday, November 16, 2014, 7:00 p.m. Gindi Auditorium 

Pricing:  Premier - $45, General - $35, Student - $18

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Frank Ferrante in An Evening with Groucho


Award-winning actor and director Frank Ferrante recreates his PBS, New York and London

acclaimed portrayal of legendary comedian Groucho Marx. The hilarity consists of the best Groucho one-liners, anecdotes and songs including "Hooray for Captain Spalding," and "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady." The audience literally becomes part of the show as Ferrante ad-libs in grand Groucho style. Accompanied by his onstage pianist, Ferrante portrays the young Groucho of stage and film and reacquaints us with brothers Harpo, Chico, Zeppo and Gummo, as well as Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, Marx foil, Margaret Dumont and MGM's Louis B. Mayer. A show perfect for all ages!

“Artful...Mr. Ferrante's timing is digital sharp.” ~ The New York Times

"Ferrante's Groucho is a tour de force." ~ Variety

"Truly astounding" ~ Los Angeles Daily News

"Brilliant" ~ The Today Show

"Frank doesn't just do Groucho...he is Groucho." ~ Miriam Marx Allen, Groucho's daughter

Sunday, 1/11/2015, 4-6 p.m.

Premier $45        #15WD7GGP

General $35        #15WD7GGG

Student $18        #15WD7GGS

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"Cave...A Dance for Lilith"


theatre dybbuk and L.A. Contemporary Dance Company present

"Cave...A Dance for Lilith"

This exciting collision of theatre, dance and live music explores Judaism's journey from pre-monotheistic belief systems into the Garden of Eden, the Talmudic period and beyond, including the establishment of the State of Israel.

According to some interpretations of Genesis, Lilith is the first woman, created before Eve. She has been feared throughout the centuries and sensationalized everywhere from classical art to popular culture. More recently, many have come to revere her as a symbol of strength for those who have been marginalized.  By dramatizing her stories, the production looks at the legacy of the Jewish people through a mythic lens.

Join us for this daring look into the heart of Jewish history. (113 words)


“a unique and daring performance…rich in brilliant storytelling and unafraid to seek answers to important questions.” Examiner.com


Sunday, 4/19/2015, 4-6 p.m


Premier Seating includes preferred parking

Premier $40     #15SD7GLP

General $30     #15SD7GLG

Student $18    #15SD7GLS

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