Modern & Classical Hebrew

Welcome to our Hebrew program. Our curriculum features a wide variety of Hebrew classes to satisfy the needs of students at different levels. Whatever your reason or goal for studying Hebrew, we have the class for you. 

Modern Hebrew: In this Ulpan program, students develop all four skills of language acquisition: reading, writing, speaking and listening. After completing beginning and intermediate levels, students can converse in Hebrew; read relatively complex Hebrew fictional, scientific and journalistic texts and express themselves in writing.

Classical Hebrew: This program prepares students for fluent reading and comprehension of the Hebrew in the Siddur and the Bible. No writing or conversation in Hebrew takes place in this program.

New Students – If you know how to read and write Hebrew and have some conversational and grammatical background, please ask for a placement test or personal interview with the Hebrew Coordinator before enrolling in any of the classes.

Call The Hebrew Coordinator (310) 476-9777 ext. 436

Modern Hebrew

Beginning Levels: 1, 2 & 3

Students learn to read modern Hebrew text; writing exercises, postcards and letters; and engage in conversation in Hebrew while developing listening and speaking skills. Emphasis is on communication skills as well as reading and listening comprehension.

Grammar: Pronouns – prepositions and their inflection – infinitives and present tense verbs – question words and sentences – agreement types – possessions, nominal sentences – ordinal numbers (masculine and feminine) – modal verbs – time expressions – introduction to compound noun structures.

Intermediate Levels: 1, 2 & 3

Students build on their basic skills and begin to develop fluency in the language. Emphasis is on communication skills, independent reading and language analysis skills.

Grammar: Impersonal sentences and verbs – compound noun structures – past tense verbs – definite and indefinite compound nouns with adjectives and prepositions – indirect speech –nominal sentences in past tense – descriptive texts – expression models and words: reasoning and consequences, conditional sentences, future tense verbs – imperative and its negative use.

Advanced Levels: 1, 2 & 3

Students who have completed ten levels at the AJU (or equivalent by placement test). Emphasis on conversation, reading comprehension, Israeli contemporary literature, text analysis, writing essays and presenting them in class.

Classical Hebrew

This class is for students with no prior knowledge of Hebrew who wish to focus on learning Siddur and Biblical Hebrew. This course is taught in English and emphasizes reading and comprehension. Students are introduced to the printed alphabet and the Hebrew sound system. At the end of the course, students will be able to read and understand basic classical Hebrew, such as blessings.

New Students: If this class will be your first in our Hebrew program, please request a placement test or personal interview with the Hebrew Coordinator before enrolling in any class.

Call The Hebrew Coordinator (310) 476-9777 ext. 436

Class levels vary per day based upon skill level and registration.


Hebrew Language Department Faculty:

Sarah Har-Shalom, MA, American Jewish University

Aliza Klainman, Senior certified teacher, Teachers Institute, Beersheva

Ahuva Rosenblum, Senior Certified Teacher, Seminar Hakibutzim, Tel Aviv, B.A., Jewish Studies, American Jewish University.

Mira Rosenthal, Senior Certified Teacher, Teachers Institute Gordon, Haifa.

Era Zwickel, Oranim Teacher Seminar; BA, Polytechnic University, England; Educational Adm. Diploma, University of Haifa