Program for the Arts

Live performance art expresses something that cannot be expressed any other way. Exposing ourselves to performance art results in us experiencing something new or seeing something we see everyday in a totally different light or from a different perspective. In short, performance art enriches our lives.While a performance itself is ephemeral, what we learn from it lasts a lifetime.

The Dortort Program For The Arts is designed to extend and deepen the theatrical experience. It’s a chance to totally immerse yourself in all this special medium has to offer.

This program is made possible through the generosity of Rose (L”Z) and David (L”Z) Dortort.

This is Your Life, Hanna Bloch Kohner

hanna bloch

Hanna Bloch Kohner miraculously survived four concentration camps including Auschwitz. Hanna made history when, in 1953, she was featured on This Is Your Life, hosted by Ralph Edwards. Aired only eight years after the end of WWII, this show brought the horrors and devastating losses of the Holocaust into the homes of American families for the first time on national television, setting a precedent for the power of reality TV.

Following the screening of This Is Your Life, Julie Kohner, CEO and Founder of Voices of the Generations and Hanna’s daughter, will share her family’s story, artifacts and take questions from the audience. The program will conclude with book signing of Hanna’s and her husband Walter’s autobiography, Hanna and Walter A Love Story.

Julie Kohner has been a Jewish educator for over 30 years, with a master’s degree in educational counseling. After Julie’s mother, Hanna, passed away in 1990, Julie created a program that would teach the history of the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of her mother. This was the beginning of Voices of the Generations a unique and personal approach to Holocaust education. For more information visit www.vogcharity.org