The Magiker

The Magiker

For a dramatic reading from an acclaimed new novel

Starring Hollywood legends Ed Asner and Richard Benjamin joined by Patty McCormack, Fred Melamed, and Michael Laskin

The Magiker is a powerful tale of a man connecting for the first time with his Judaism against a background of forbidden mysticism and love beyond time. Psychiatrist Harris Strider was raised without any sense of religion, but when troubled socialite Barbara Warren becomes his patient, he is plunged into the world of Kabbalah, which threatens his marriage, his practice, and his sanity. Looming large is the presence of the long-dead Magiker Rebbe, with whom Strider discovers he has a mysterious and secret link.

Actor Elliott Gould has said: Participants
“Charles Dennis is a gifted farceur and his latest novel, The Magiker, reflects that talent. It’s as though Sigmund Freud and Kurt Vonnegut have met the Marx Brothers. The Magiker is outrageous, mysterious, funny, sexy, and certainly entertaining.” 

Charles Dennis, author, screenwriter, playwright, actor, voice over artist, and winner of the Samuel Fuller Guerrilla Filmmaker Award is working on his thirteenth novel.