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Shalom and vos machstu. Welcome to our Hebrew and Yiddish language program. Our curriculum features classes for students beginning to learn the alphabet to advanced readers and speakers.

  • Yiddish - Intermediate

    Yiddish - Intermediate

    For Students who have completed Beginners Yiddish. This course is for students who understand the fundamentals of reading and are able to have a basic conversation in Yiddish. Intermediate students continue to explore Yiddish language and culture through art, literature, songs, films and folk traditions. Read More

  • Yiddish - Beginners

    Yiddish - Beginners

    This course emphasizes the joys to be found in day-to-day Yiddish conversation; basic sentences and expressions. This course includes a very user friendly introduction to reading Yiddish; a skill needed to form the basis of further learning. Additionally students will be introduced to Yiddish/Eastern European culture through poetry, visual art, songs, stories, folk traditions, and history. Read More

  • Yiddish - Advanced

    Yiddish - Advanced

    This class provides Yiddish speaking students with intensive practice in reading, building vocabulary and conversation. The class is taught entirely in Yiddish. Together we explore great literature, songs, films, art and folk traditions. Read More