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Sperber Community Library

The Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles at American Jewish was dedicated by the Sperber Family in memory of noted philanthropist and landscape developer Burton Sperber. 

The library welcomes the entire Los Angeles Jewish Community to enjoy its state-of-the art facility and participate in a variety of programs for adults, children and families, including Grandparent & Me, book and film clubs, genealogy research and literary events with noted authors. Join our community of book lovers and learners.

  • Cooking with Culinary Kids Academy - Passover

    Cooking with Culinary Kids Academy - Passover

    Learn to cook while experiencing the Jewish holidays together! Discover the story of Nachshon and how we can follow in his "footsteps" to help us be the best we can be - by making a delicious kosher-for-Passover breakfast! Read More

  • UCLA Memory Training Program: A

    UCLA Memory Training Program: A "Tune-Up" for Your Brain

    If you've ever wondered where you put your keys, or forgotten the name of an acquaintance (it was on the tip of your tongue!), this program is for you. The UCLA Memory Program, developed by the UCLA Longevity Center and provided under license, is a 4-week course designed to address the four most common memory complaints. Using interactive exercises, the program offers proven techniques to improve attention and memory, in a supportive atmosphere. (Note: this program is not intended for people with severe memory loss or dementia.) FREE, limited registrations. You MUST attend all 4 sessions for maximum benefit Offered by Wise & Healthy Aging: www.wiseandhealthyaging.org, licensed by the Regents of UC. Read More