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Music & Song

Gain a deeper appreciation for classical music and attend a performance. Sing harmonies with the AJU Choir. Learn about the stories behind the great composers of American popular song. Join us to explore the joy of music and song and its lasting impact on our lives.

  • Biblical Images in Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen

    Biblical Images in Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen

    Dylan and Cohen are Poets, Preachers, Prophets and Psalmists. They found images and inspiration in the rich soil of biblical literature. Dylan, in the prophetic tradition, raised alarm and foresaw both triumph and disaster. Cohen, in the tradition of the Psalms of David, took us for a ride, both intensely personal and universal; a ride of longing, despair, passion and finally peace. We will listen to their songs, discuss their words and examine their sources in Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism. Read More

  • Spring - The Great American Songbook

    Spring - The Great American Songbook

    Berlin, Gershwin, Rodgers and Hart, Hammerstein and more – their shows, their songs, their lives have a unique place in American life and culture. This class focuses on the legacy of their work and their contributions to the Great American Songbook. Read More

  • Listen, Laugh & Learn - June

    Listen, Laugh & Learn - June

    Here is a chance to listen to our rich Jewish heritage through Ellis' extensive collection of Israeli, Yiddish, Jewish comedy, folk and popular music cd's, cassettes and LP's -- not to mention his mp3's. His collection includes some of the greatest Cantors, comedians, shows, dance music; even songs recorded by non-Jewish artists. Ellis' knowledge of the recordings and stories about his life in Jewish music are comedy are the "glue" that makes this class a winner! Read More