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Jewish Life & Family

Spend a day on our 2,700 acre playground. Share your joy of Judaism with your children and grandchildren. Gain a better understanding of your relationship with your spouse or adult children. Celebrate Jewish life and family with our many programs and events.

  • Me to We: Private Seminar

    Me to We: Private Seminar

    Dates: Ongoing /Flexible Time: Hours are flexible and scheduled according to each couple's needs. Your wedding marks the beginning of a lifelong journey together. As you walk this road, take the time and learn tools to make it last. Read More

  • Making Marriage Work Basic Seminar

    Making Marriage Work Basic Seminar

    Marriage like life is a process... Led by a licensed therapist, this seminar provides a safe, open environment in which couples learn to share, develop and enrich intimate loving relationships. Couples will learn communication skills and conflict resolution techniques necessary to strengthen their marriage. Topics include: * The meaning of love and commitment * The effect of personal history and personalities on your relationship - parents, in-laws, friends * Time Management * Intimacy and Family Planning * Money Management Read More