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Soraya Sarah Nazarian Program in Fine Arts

The Soraya Sarah Nazarian Program in Fine Arts upholds American Jewish University’s legacy of supporting the fine arts. Our classes range from painting and drawing to stone sculpture and carving. The Whizin Center’s extraordinary faculty, all professional working artists, mentor and guide each student, some of whom may be taking their first class while others are mastering a technique. The Soraya Sarah Nazarian Program in Fine Arts develops new classes, nurtures top-notch faculty and provides state-of-the-art studio space. We encourage you to become part of our exciting community of artists. Explore our class list and register today.

  • Right Brain Figure Drawing with Live Models

    Right Brain Figure Drawing with Live Models

    Draw what you really see, rather than what you think you see. Skills are cultivated in exercises about perception of edges, spaces, gestures, and include achieving entire compositions. Employ your intuition. Experiment with a variety of media. Learn the value of patience and persistence, in a welcoming group setting. Tuition: $270.00 Materials Fee: $10.00 Model Fee: $85.00 Read More

  • Drawing for Life

    Drawing for Life

    Bring your ideas to life by learning to "see." Explore techniques with pencil, charcoal, pastel and ink. Master the art of drawing as a functional skill, as used in painting, sculpture, illustration and graphic arts. Benefit from discussion and critique as well as individualized instruction. Skills covered include: Still Life: line and shade Live Portrait: Single light source Figure: Gesture drawing Portrait from photograph: Capture likeness Landscape: Perspective techniques Read More

  • Oil Painting & Drawing

    Oil Painting & Drawing

    If you're an experienced artist, or always wanted to paint and draw and are ready to dive in, this course offers a supportive Right Brain approach to personal expression. Beginning with contour drawing, students work on individual projects with guidance from the instructor, learning about color and shape, how to use oil paint, and developing their own style. Read More

  • Mixed Media Collage

    Mixed Media Collage

    Collage is a work of art that includes glued papers/objects. In this Mixed Media Collage course we will discover various ways to create interesting papers for use in collage while learning how to incorporate paint, printing and image transfer techniques. No previous experience is necessary and while basic compositional principles are discussed, there is room for an experimental and personal approach to the projects. This course is open to all levels from beginner to advanced. Read More