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Sperber Community Library

The Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library of Los Angeles at American Jewish was dedicated by the Sperber Family in memory of noted philanthropist and landscape developer Burton Sperber. 

The library welcomes the entire Los Angeles Jewish Community to enjoy its state-of-the art facility and participate in a variety of programs for adults, children and families, including Grandparent & Me, book and film clubs, genealogy research and literary events with noted authors. Join our community of book lovers and learners.

  • Crista Cowan, The Barefoot Genealogist, from Ancestry.com

    Crista Cowan, The Barefoot Genealogist, from Ancestry.com

    Ancestry has more than 20 billion total records online and millions more are being added each month. Join Crista Cowan for a look at what record collections specifically will benefit you in your research into your Jewish ancestry. We want to provide you with as many ways into those records as possible, so she will also share some of her favorite tips to make you a search pro and (even more important) a true researcher. Read More

  • Handwriting Analysis for Genealogy, Ron Arons

    Handwriting Analysis for Genealogy, Ron Arons

    During this presentation Ron will discuss the two main uses of handwriting analysis: 1) comparing signatures and handwriting in general to determine whether documents were written by the same person and 2) trying to understand the personality and behavior of a person by looking at the various traits of that person's handwriting. Note: This presentation does not cover paleography (the analysis of old handwriting). Read More