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Gain a better understanding of classical literature. Study great works of art and the people who created them. Read and discuss graphic novels or Yiddish short stories. Express yourself through creative writing. Join our learning community for in depth study and discussion.

  • American Art in the Roaring Twenties

    American Art in the Roaring Twenties

    Georgia O'keeffe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Alfred Stieglitz helped to define the independent spirit of America in the roaring twenties. The Jazz Age gave birth to the Haarlem Renaissance and deeper connection between the races, while a flashy new materialism would cause artists to search for the spiritual side of Modern life. Dynamic speaker John Paul Thornton presents the story of how America found its voice in the twentieth century. Read More

  • How Goya's Art Saved the Jews

    How Goya's Art Saved the Jews

    The mockery of Jews and Muslims in European art dates back to 1100 C.E., when it suddenly appeared throughout Europe as a visual tool intended to promote Christianity over Semitic religions. The Spanish painter Francisco Goya (1746-1828) lived long enough to witness the Spanish Inquisition surrender to social justice. The constant subject of Goya's art--deep humanism and compassion--did much forge this positive social change. In three lectures we will learn how Goya used art to fight anti-semitism in Spain. Read More