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  • In Search of Chopin

    In Search of Chopin Film Screening -- SOLD OUT

    The Consulate General of Poland, Los Angeles, in partnership with American Jewish University, cordially invites you to the West Coast premiere of In Search of Chopin - the Major New documentary on the Polish genius of music. This special event will also include appearances from Phil Grabsky, director and Hershey Felder, actor and pianist. The event is FREE, but registration is required. www.aju.edu/chopin  

  • Liberation of Auschwitz

    The Liberation of Auschwitz: History, Myth, and Politics with Robert Jan Van Pet

    In this lecture, we review the historical events of January and February 1945, the historic impact and the way these events became objects of the politics of commemoration. Learn more

  • slandtorah

    L.A. Art Now:
    A brief tour of the L.A. Contemporary Art world

    A four-part overview of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, combining lecture and discussion with visits to some of the most vital contemporary art hot-spots. This series intends to open up the world of contemporary art through hands-on experience. Learn More

  • rodman

    Boris Fishman -
    The Replacement Life

    Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library of Greater Los Angeles in conjunction with the Bel & Jack Ostrow Library

    Forging an American identity out of the immigrant experience and confronting the transgressions of the past are interlocking themes in Boris Fishman’s debut novel the "A Replacement Life." Learn More

  • archaeologyBig

    The Collapse of Civilization in 1177 BCE and the Rise of Archaeological Israel

    Whizin Center for Continuing Education and the Simmons Family Charitable Foundation's Twenty-Sixth Annual Program in Biblical Archaeology. Learn More

  • Chavez

    Chavez Ravine: Theatre, Discussion & Dessert

    Chavez Ravine at the Kirk Douglas Theatre with Steve Sass, President of the Jewish Historical Society of Southern California and Breed Street Shul Project Learn More

  • Dortort

    Carol Leifer and Paul Reiser,
    an Evening of Comedy and Conversation

    Carol and Paul are old friends who met during their early stand-up days in New York comedy clubs. Don’t miss what’s guaranteed to be a laugh out loud event! Learn More

  • ayelet

    Ayelet Waldman -
    Love & Treasure

    Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library of Greater Los Angeles in conjunction with the Bel & Jack Ostrow Library

    A spellbinding novel of contraband masterpieces, tragic love and unexpected legacies of forgotten crimes, bestselling and beloved author Ayelet Waldman’s Love and Treasure weaves a tale round the fascinating, true history of the Hungarian Gold Train and the fate of so many Jewish families and the prized heirlooms in the Second World War. Learn More

  • Dortort

    Gittelson Seminars:
    Relationships Between Law and Ethics

    Quite often, ethics and morals are the products of a religious tradition. Certainly this is true in Judaism. Learn More

  • warrenOlney

    Erwin Chemerinsky
    in Conversation with Warren Olney

    Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the country’s leading constitutional lawyers, argues that the belief that the Supreme Court is objective is nonsense and always has been. Learn More

  • The LA Underground Art Museum

    The Los Angeles Underground Art Museum

    Gayle Gale leads tours focusing on public art found in L.A. Metro stations and throughout downtown Los Angeles. Learn More

  • groucho

    Frank Ferrante
    in An Evening with Groucho

    Award-winning actor and director Frank Ferrante recreates his PBS, New York and London acclaimed portrayal of legendary comedian Groucho Marx. The hilarity consists of the best Groucho one-liners, anecdotes and songs including “Hooray for Captain Spalding,” and “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady...”

  • slandtorah

    Sex, Lies and Torah:
    Family Matters and Sibling Rivalry

    Remember the good old days? When Dad returned from work, and Mom, the kids and the family dog rushed excitedly to the front door to greet him with hugs? When the family then sat together to eat dinner and discuss the day? That story was never our story.